De Buyer - KWIK PRO piston funnel, in stainless steel, 3 speeds, leak-proof - 1,5 L

Kwik Pro piston funnel entirely of stainless steel, used for filling, dispensing, garnishing.
Suitable for liquid and semi-liquid preparations such as sauces, hot jelly, hot caramel...
Easy to use: pour by pressing the lever with your thumb.
Lever: design studied for an ergonomic position of your thumb.
3 nozzles (Ø 4, 6 and 8mm) for 3 flows, one of which is integrated with the funnel.
Flow control also with the aid of the thumb lever.
Stainless steel funnel: 1.5L and 1.9L capacity depending on the model.
Fully-removable inside mechanism using a butterfly screw.
Stainless Steel wire stand available: silicone feet for slip resistance; highly stable.
Stand enables you to set aside a preparation and facilitates filling.
Immerse in bain-marie.
Care: dishwasher-safe.

Colecciones: De Buyer, Utensilios de Pastelería

Vendedor: De Buyer

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