Molde Kougloff

Traditional shaped mould perfect for making the famous Kougloff, a speciality from Alsace.
Undeformable and completely watertight mould.
Excellent cooking results thanks to iron: the mould reaches the high temperatures required for browned and caramelised Kougloffs.
Even diffusion of heat and uniform cooking.
Functional and practical non-stick mould: PFOA-free PTFE guaranteed coating for easier mould release, steel protection against oxidation and easy cleaning.
Grease the mould before use.
Traditional oven cooking (max. 220°C).
Not suitable for the microwave oven. Do not use metal objects in the mould.
Care: wash by hand (non-abrasive sponge).
Not dishwasher-safe.

Ref. 4701.22


⌀ 22 cm x 10 H

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